Websites for Assistants

This is a great website geared towards assistants in New Zealand. Check out the Resources tab for articles and previous newsletters. There are even job postings as well as an events calendar.

The blog posts are great and I like that a lot of them share the author's personal experiences and what she learned from those.

There are lots of great articles, a school finder,  job listings and more.

This is mainly a training company but they have great blog posts and free downloads.

It looks like this website hasn’t posted new articles for several years however I’m including it since there is such a large amount of great information to browse.

This Flipboard site has loads of wonderful articles from great authors.

This site requires a membership to access their information.

This is an awesome Facebook group lead by a talented friend of mine that I recommend checking out if you are an administrative professional in Austin, TX. It's a group that is growing fast that is expanding from a once a year event to more networking options. Their Facebook page also posts links to informative articles.

This website has an extensive blog that packs in almost 20 years of knowledge!

This is a membership site that also includes a forum and templates.

This is an association that requires a paid membership however they do have great articles under their Free Info tab.

The Association for Healthcare Administrative Professionals is a membership site, but there’s a great list of resources and other information geared towards admins in the healthcare arena that can be accessed without a membership.

I'm loving the articles under the "Admin Professional" tab.

This website packs in great templates, e-books, webinars and more as well as links to her other related websites.

This speaker has a wonderful blog; all articles are relevant to those in the assistant field.

This is a membership site but there’s a wonderful blog that can be accessed for free.

This website is jam-packed with tons of great articles! They also have an extensive list of job openings (the last time I checked there were 1200 listings all over the US and Canada).

I am a fan of the blog on this site.

A wonderful new blog with great tips for assistants. It's in Spanish so if that's not a language you are fluent in, simply open the site in Chrome you can use the Google Translate feature to switch it to English.

This website pulls together articles from various sources on a variety of subjects, but you can narrow them down to ones geared towards assistants.

This is a lifestyle website geared towards assistants.

This is a great new blog that was created by an assistant with over a decade of experience. I am looking forward to watching this one grow!

Love this new website! The creator is a wonderful writer and shares lots of valuable resources - I've found several new game changers!

This is one of the first blogs I found right away when I sought out articles and she keeps a great running list of online resources, conferences and more.

This PA training company has fabulous free articles I recommend checking out. Also, check out their Useful Stuff tab- it has links to websites that they recommend for assistants worldwide.

This is a wonderful new website that is geared towards helping those in our field to become a superstar assistant.

The founder has a great blog as well as a fantastic podcast and often includes guests that are large proponents of the assistant field.

Nice blog with tips from a Silicon Valley EA.

This website has a wonderful blog that those in a VA role would enjoy.

She is the guru for top assistants! I’m a huge fan of not only her blog and podcasts but of her Be The Ultimate Assistant conference.

This website has a great blog and list of resources (check out the Freebies tab) that those in a VA role would enjoy.

This a resource aimed at PAs around Canary Wharf (UK), but there's a blog that shares tips that assistants around the world can benefit from.

This website has great insights from an experienced A/E/C administrator on how to grow professionally and personally in an admin role.

This is a membership for career EAs, however they do have links to free articles. 

This is a wonderful blog by one of my friends that is a fantastic EA. Her articles are under the Musings & Discoveries tab and she also lists great resources under the Recommended Sites & Resources tab.

Helpful admin blog that shares lots of helpful tips and best practices.

What I like about this website is not only the blog and recommended resources but the ability to read articles from back issues of AdminAdvantage and PA Enterprise magazines.

The blogger was the winner of PA of the Year at the Executive PA Magazine in 2013.

This VA has some great blog posts.

This is a membership site. For those who are seeking free information, they do have a great list of PA networks to check out.

This venue booking website has a whole blog dedicated towards the #ProudPA theme and has lots of great articles that cover a variety of topics from workplace bullying to public speaking.

This VA company shares some awesome resources on their site! There are several useful links, how to guides and even downloads. 

This company offers conferences, has local chapters and a membership, which allows for continuing education, peer networking and more.

This website has loads of fabulous articles, a large compilation of associations geared towards assistants and much more. 

I’m a big fan of this blog. The founder knows the importance of knowledge sharing and her lovely personality shines through in each article.

There are not only great articles but wonderful resources to help assistants stay up to date with tech, travel tips and much more. I also love the “Real Careers” section, which details interviews with administrative professionals from around the world.

Great resources dedicated to assistants in the fashion industry.

Great guide for recommended online tools.

The creator of this website posts fabulous articles for both the assistant and person they support.

This site has a great blog as well as recommended resources for administrative professionals.

This website is mainly geared towards continuing education and conferences, but they have a great blog (navigate under the "learn" tab). They also list job openings as well as local chapters you can join in the US and Canada.

The author announced she won't be adding new articles, but the past ones are great so keeping this one on the list.

This is a membership group for VAs but they have a great blog posts that can be accessed for free.

Jen Lawrence is a VA but her blog shares lots of amazing nuggets that assistants everywhere can benefit from. (I've learned lots of tips from this resource!)

If you're interested in learning more about the private assistant world (House Manager, Estate Manager, etc.), give this blog a read.

This is a great blog with helpful tips. The author does a great job of injecting humor and I always smile whenever I read her posts.

This website shares one EA’s journey in her current role as well as wonderful tips.

This VA specializes in HR, admin and online marketing services. Her website just launched and I'm looking forward to seeing her blog posts!

This admin guru has stellar tips in her blog.

​This is a great website dedicated to helping administrative professionals form and build relationships that support career success. I'm a huge fan of these information-packed articles!

This blog provides a candid view into one EA’s journey supporting high-level executives. It’s been around since 2009 and is packed with great posts.

This website has a great blog that those in a VA role would enjoy. I did a blog swap with the founder and she is absolutely brilliant and full of fabulous tips!

The founder is a powerful champion of the PA profession and the blog on her website has insightful articles and tips geared towards assistants. She also is a guru in the arenas of social media and personal branding.

​This website has a great blog that those in a VA role would enjoy.

This website packs in loads of great resources, articles, tips and general inspiration. It's geared more towards those in a VA role, though there's advice that spans across the entire assistant field.

This website has a blog that those in a VA role with a focus on the Real Estate industry would enjoy.

This company has been around for several decades. They not only have a super active blog but they offer lots of awesome free webinars to subscribers.

This website not only offers all sorts of valuable tips but also numerous events all over the US.

It looks like this website hasn’t posted new articles for several years however I’m including it since there is such a large amount of great information to browse.

There are lots of great articles geared towards administrative professionals in this website’s blog.

Not only does this resource have a wonderful blog with great tips, but it's a community that brings admins together to share ideas, advice and support. I highly recommend checking it out!

Rhonda is a professional speaker and trainer in the admin world. This link goes to her helpful blog.

This is a large networking group for office professionals in South Africa. They post helpful articles (scroll down to the bottom of the page to access the Articles button).

This organization provides a forum for discussion, as well as resources, events, as well as great articles on their blog! 

This website has lots of articles as well as a list of upcoming courses, events (they seem to all be in the UK), links to recommended services and more.

This company has events in the UK. Check out their News tab for wonderful articles.

This website is mainly for their events and awards but they do post articles. It’s important for assistants to toot their own horns and apply for awards and this is one wonderful place to do so.

You have to sign up to access this site but it’s free. This website mainly provides several lists of resources. What I appreciate the most is that each resource has been recommended by an assistant and includes the reason for their recommendation.

This is a magazine geared towards PAs. Their website is a great resource for venue research, job postings as well as free articles.

It looks like this website might be stagnant at the moment however I’m including it in case I am incorrect.

This website has a great blog that those in a VA role would enjoy.

This website has a newsletter and digizine for subscribers as well as events.

It looks like this website hasn’t posted new articles for several years however I’m including it since there is such a large amount of great information to browse.

This is a membership site for networking events in New Zealand. They post helpful free articles and have a job portal that appears to be in the works.

Peggy has worked in a variety of administrative roles. Her blog posts pack in lots of valuable insights.

There's a fee to access the entire site but you can sign up for a free subscription to get their monthly newsletter sent to your inbox.

This is a wonderful influencer who runs several trainings for top EAs around the world. I really love how his blog is raw and relatable.

He is always starting all sorts of new endeavors, such as trib.:

This is a new membership website aimed at providing extensive resources all in one place. Although it looks like the Resources tab is not up and running yet, it’s one I will be keeping an eye on.

This website is jam-packed with countless articles. The founder also puts on great events, with a brand new virtual summit in the works.

This site has a great blog. They also offer a training program to further your career.

This VA’s blog has great advice for assistants across the board.

Vickie is a fabulous Microsoft, Apple and Google productivity trainer. Her website has links to free resources for assistants as well as paid courses.

This VA has a lovely blog I recommend checking out.

This website has a great blog that those in a VA role would enjoy.

This placement firm has loads of articles geared towards admins in their blog.

Great assistant website based in Australia.

This is a new blog by an EA with over 20 years of experience. I love that her true voice comes through in her articles. I'm looking forward to seeing this one grow!

This site is a great resource for job postings and articles.