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Are You Equipped with a Digital Business Card?

Empty business card holder

Have you ever been to an event, reached for your business cards, and noticed you were out?

I went to an event recently not thinking I'd need my business cards and ended up handing out my whole stash (thank goodness I always keep a few handy in my wallet - phew!). Once I was out, I had to resort to handing out my stickers (yes, I am a sticker fanatic and have branded ones). I was hoping in the back of my mind that those wouldn't run out because then I'd have to start getting creative...

After that night, I remembered hearing about digital business cards. I did a little research and it seemed like such a handy (and waste-free!) option to try.

In literally 2 minutes, using the website firstnamebasis, I created my own digital business card which even came with a QR code - for free. So simple and handy!

Here's how it turned out:

Digital business card

Note the "Save Contact" button in the pic above. That is a virtual contact file and allows the user to add you to their contacts instantly. How nifty is that?!

The creators of firstnamebasis also have an article with a more lengthy process if you want to really get in there and dive into GitHub. Here's that article: Hack Your Life: How to make your own Digital Business Card.

I spent about 20 minutes going through the process and actually liked that version better. (There are some sections I did not want to show, so it was nice being able to customize the code.)

Here's that version:

The other thing I loved about this longer version was being able to make my own customized QR code with my Tips for Assistants color and logo.

QR code from the longer process

QR Code for digital business card

QR code from firstnamebasis

So much more fun, don't you think?

Try scanning the QR codes above with your phone if you'd like to see how it works.

(If you haven't scanned a QR code before it's easy! Just open the camera app on your phone, point it at the QR code for a couple seconds until you get a prompt asking if you want to open the associated website, then click on that prompt to see the website.)

The next time someone asks for my business card, I'm excited to have both my digital and paper versions handy (and, of course, my stickers!).

Have you created a digital business card? I'd love to know how it's working out! Please share in the comments below.

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