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I've been fortunate to have received heartwarming messages about how my website has helped others. It means the world to me to know that I am providing valuable advice and resources.


If you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to me!

It was an absolute pleasure working with Christina on a sponsored post for her extensive site, Tips for Assistants! She was extremely responsive throughout the entire process, set clear expectations and was very organized overall. I look forward to seeing her blog grow! 

Dana Ferrante

Marketing Content Writer, Bevi

Christina is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. She has provided multiple high quality articles for our #Proud PA network covering relevant topics including interviewing your future employer and overcoming your fear of public speaking. Her work is consistently engaging with great SEO value and I look forward to collaborating with her more in the future.

Claire MacMarquis

Brand Storyteller, Eventopedia

Working with Christina and Tips For Assistants was a total joy. Christina is organized and prompt with her responses, and her article gained a lot of traction with our audience! I'd looking forward to doing more with Christina and her organization in the future.

Audrey Fairbrother

Marketing Manager, Worldwide101

Tips for Assistants has a huge variety of content full of extremely useful advice for assistants at any stage in their career journey. The posts range from professional to personal and cover a range of topics which would inspire PAs and EAs wherever they work. We regularly promote their content to our users and look forward to collaborating again in the future!

Ann-Marie Rossiter

Head of Marketing and Operations, Headbox

I connected with Christina in 2016 and soon afterwards was delighted to have her guest blog on my site. Christina is an absolute pleasure to work with and her website 'Tips for Assistants' is a must for any discerning assistant who wants to seriously up their game. Christina is extremely knowledgeable, dynamic, tech savvy and has her finger on the pulse. 

In addition to her outstanding blogs she has many useful checklists when it comes to the latest apps and websites which can help assistants stay connected and current. 

Christina is extremely professional and personable and I would not hesitate to recommend her skills in any working capacity. She can definitely teach me a thing or two when it comes to the latest apps and resources!


Her website is a veritable treasure trove and she is a true ambassador for the assistant profession. 

Keep up the great work Christina!

Jennifer Corcoran

Social Media Specialist, My Super Connector

Tips for Assistants has been so helpful! It’s a one-stop shop for everything you could need as an assistant (it covers so many bases for all types of assistants). My favorite part is the Website & Apps section. Any time I need a specific tool, I check the lists on Tips for Assistants and can find exactly what I need!

Adero Harrison

Owner, My Amazing Assistant

Professional, knowledgeable and friendly.

I initially reached out to Christina to compliment her on the excellent resource that is the Tips for Assistants website. I recommend the site to my students as there is so much valuable information to help them in their day to day work.

Christina promptly responded, and we have built an invaluable relationship. I have written a blog for the Tips for Assistants website and Christina has been excellent in promoting this and in turn, has guided me on promoting social media posts and driving traffic through our website. Our social media presence has increased ten-fold over the past year, and this couldn't have been achieved without Christina's knowledgeable and helpful guidance.

What has really stood out is Christina's editing skills. After submitting the first draft of my blog, Christina had made some small, yet pertinent edits within a day and the blog was ready to go, honing in on the key messages and removing any wasted text. We all know how important it is to engage readers with concise, relevant content, so the efficiency and quality of the edit was very impressive.

Christina always has a positive outlook and a can-do attitude. It's a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to the next opportunity of doing so.

Simon Scaysbrook

Education Manager, Lewis Secretarial & Computer College

Christina is a powerhouse in, what appears to be, a dainty package.

Christina and I collaborated on article writing and increasing brand recognition in social media presence. She comes prepared, ready for questions and quality resolution recommendations and suggestions, and presents the finished result that will exceed your best case scenario expectations. Christina is professional personified. She prepares and executes with aplomb.

As a resource and administrative expert, her website is dedicated to uplifting, encouraging, education, and promoting the professional assistant that represents excellence in the profession. She cracks me up at how well she documents her article research. They should be printed in the trade journals of the illustrious profession.

Her website is an integral resource for the administrative professional as a quality resource.

Layne Tinsley

Founder, Administrative Sparkle

I've worked with Christina twice now on articles for her site, Tips For Assistants. I've had great experiences working with her and recommend her for collaboration 100%. She was always prompt and clear in her communication, is excellent in her writing skills, very creative with ideas, super enthusiastic about her work and helping other admins/EAs, and generally a very positive and friendly person. She's been an EA for many years and gets it!

Danielle Zamora

Executive Assistant, HomeAway

I first met Christina when she asked if I wanted to article-swap with her. And ever since then, I think of her as "Collaborative Christina," because she's just that kind of a person, and you can tell that without having to meet her in person (which I haven't done but it would be awesome if I had the opportunity to do so). She's very impressive, from an assistant point of view (admin or otherwise). She readily shares knowledge (even if she has to do some light-to-heavy research beforehand; witness some of the events she's listed on her blog). She has a good writing style, and you can tell that her upbeat personality can't help but shine through in her written work. I think she's the first 'virtual' assistant I've had the pleasure to meet (and let me tell you, from the conversations I've had with her, plus reading her blog . . . she's a role model for those wanting to get into that virtual arena . . . she's professional; she's caring; she's experienced).

Judy A. Beebe

Founder, Confessions of an Admin Junkie

Christina wrote a guest post for my blog, and it was spot on! It was clear that she really researched the topic and was very knowledgeable. Most importantly, this was something relevant and helpful for my audience. It wasn’t just an overview piece—she provided great content and detailed information.

Christina has been great to work with. She’s friendly, motivated, and she handed in the article way before the deadline. If you’re looking to do an article swap or you need a guest post for your blog, and you want to introduce your readers to fresh ideas and quality content, I highly recommend working with Christina.

Alicia Jay

Owner, New VA Advice

Christina is doing great work for our profession. She has mastered the importance of connecting us both through her articles and her mentorship. The passion to motivate, inspire, and lead is just who she is. APVN is so honored to be connected with such a phenomenal woman.

Deborah Green

Founder, APVN

I met Christina after I mentioned her website Tips For Assistants as a good source for virtual assistants to learn and develop their careers. Her content was, and still is, of a great help to me, so the mention was very well deserved. She invited me to be a guest on her blog, which I gladly accepted. We were communicating with ease and Christina followed through all the dates and agreements we had. I was impressed with her editing skills as well. Her attention to detail, the small things that make a difference and content sound better, made me wish she was my content editor for each of my blog posts. Since I started networking with her I noticed a massive improvement in my blog traffic, so she knows her stuff regarding promotion and networking. She is a pleasure to work with, and I recommend her to any organization/client who wishes to work with her. You'd be amazed.

Nada Pupovac

Founder, Remote Pal

I have enjoyed reading Christina Holzhauser's Tips for Assistants and have found the newsletter and her articles to provide timely information and insights for the ultimate in administrative/executive professionals.  It is a valuable resource offering up-to-date advice along with some really great resources to help them be the best they can be in their fast-paced world in which they perform.  And, for those with expanded roles that include the planning of occasional meetings, I'm pleased to see she is also incorporating some meeting planning tips to help them further their career development.   

Mary Jo Wiseman

Author, “The Meeting Planning Process: A Guide to Planning Successful Meetings”

I had been following Christina's Twitter page for quite some time. As a long-time Executive Assistant and had recently launched my own VA business, her content was invaluable, timely and on point.

It was an absolute honour to be invited to guest blog for Tips for Assistants and Christina was a highly skilful professional every step of the way. The process for creating and then sharing a guest blog was explained thoroughly, and Christina supported me through every step of the process.

In terms of the superstar skills Christina possesses, she gently suggested ways to tweak my blog post title and body text to avoid confusing nuances between American Enligsh and British English. This was presented using tracked changes within a document and it was made clear that I was not under any pressure at all to accept the suggestions (but of course I did - Christina's a pro, and I'd be crazy to dismiss her ideas!).

The post went on to be shared on social media in line with the timeframe we agreed and has become evergreen content for both of our social media channels, so it was win-win for both of us.

Thanks to Christina inviting me to write a guest blog for her site, I even received highly positive feedback from a leader in the PA/EA industry, and that recognition wouldn't have happened without Christina's skill at social media management. 

To conclude, I have a lot of respect for Christina and the fabulous work she does to support others in the industry. If you see the benefit in having someone on your team who is a pro at blogging, editing or social media management, you NEED to speak with Christina.

Victoria Tretis

Director, My VA Rocks

Christina was so supportive in the early days of and has been such a joy to collaborate with. She's doing great work with Tips For Assistants and I look forward to partnering with her again!

Jeremy Burrows

Executive Coach, Go Burrows, LLC

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