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Cloud Storage

Offers free mobile apps, secure access from any computer, and it's built into your Amazon devices

Tool to manage and share files. There also is a great collaboration feature.

Manage all your cloud drives from one simple app. What I like about this tool is the ability to search and move items across drives.

Bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. I like that you can undo anything (ex: deleting large amounts of files on accident). 

This app not only for archiving files, it also designed for note taking, organizing, and more. Definitely a popular tool with so many assistants I know!

I’m more of a Mac person, but my assistant colleagues who prefer PC’s swear by OneDrive. This is basically Microsoft's answer to storage and collaboration.

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Great tool for getting e-signatures. I love the feature that sends reminders to the signer via the program. It also has a cascading feature that allows for multiple signatures.

A cloud-based note-taking app. 

App that can scan, manage, sync and exchange business cards.

This app is easy to use, scans any document to PDF directly, and performs OCR on your scanned documents to lift out important bits like prices, dates, titles, and details.

The app can handle receipts or multi-page documents easily, and the app's OCR (premium users only) supports 44 different languages (although it doesn't translate between them.) I love that the app is able to remove any defects and straightens curved text lines.

Nobody has a fax machine anymore! Great app for those seldom (but usually urgent) times when there's a faxing need.

It's a simple, cross-platform document scanner that makes snapping quick images or generating PDFs of receipts, notes, sketches, or anything else as simple as a single tap.

This app allows the user to sign and annotate anything, anywhere. Such a time saver!

Google Drive's apps for Android allows you to scan documents and even perform optical character recognition on text in the documents you're scanning.

This free screen-recording tool has some stellar ratings in the Chrome Store. 

Free online mind mapping tool. It’s great for assistants to use for to-do lists, organize events and general brainstorming.

Trims, enhances, and makes pictures of whiteboards and docs readable. For PCs only.

A start-to-finish writing app. From grocery lists to email drafts to long-form composition.

It's a super fast screen recording app. Sometimes regular notes are not the way to go and a quick demo is best; keep this in your back pocket for times like those.

It captures the paper in your life quickly and beautifully, transforming it into high-quality scans ready to save or share. I like that scans are automatically cropped and enhanced.

An easy way to keep notes. I like the feature that allows you to type what you’re looking for and your list updates instantly.

Has a plethora of features including signing and converting of PDF documents.

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This tool allows the purchase of new and additional fonts to use in your designs.

A wireless way to present; you get to skip all the hassle of cables

This service by Canva finds the perfect match for one font type, and gives you a live example of the two fonts working together. 

If you need a free alternative to PowerPoint, check this application out. It has a clean layout, an intuitive interface and tons of features (ex: spell check, free templates and advanced presentation capabilities). 

Great database of free super creative patterns that can easily be used within your designs.

This site contextualizes an image, screenshot or video recorded on your device directly onto one of the thousands of free product mockups. A very fun tool that you can easily get lost it if you are not careful!

Allows for a dynamic single-canvas presentation format, so it’s great for making dull topics more interesting. This tool can import any media with any file type. However, if you're looking for a slide-based alternative to PowerPoint, this isn't it (check out Kingsoft Presentation instead).

This is hands down my favorite screenshot tool. It's super easy to take an image and add shapes, write on it, draw on it and annotate it any way you like. I use this on a daily basis.

Great database full of free subtle patterns to use on your slides. Perfect when Pattern Library is a little too much for what you are looking for.

Huge database of meticulously organized textures such as grunge, dirt, plaster, concrete and rust.

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