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4 Helpful IT Troubleshooting Resources

IT Troubleshooting

Even if you are in an office setting with an IT department, odds are probably high that you’re a main go-to for tech support. And to add to the challenge, sometimes IT troubleshooting has to happen remotely.

I wanted to share a few resources that have made identifying and walking others through IT troubleshooting a lot easier!

Loom is my new favorite tool! It's an intuitive application that allows the user to make screen recordings. I downloaded and started using it without the need to read instructions first.

I've found the free version to be robust enough for IT troubleshooting. It makes explanations so much easier! There's no longer a need for drawn-out verbal explanations or lengthly written out step-by-step instructions.

Another great feature is that you can see if your video has been watched.

I've been using the free version and so far have not felt to need to upgrade to the paid pro version.

Loom screenshot

What the Loom tool looks like when you go to record - pretty self-explanatory!

For easier troubleshooting issues, sometimes all you need is a simple screenshot.

I have used several screenshot tools (especially those that automatically come with a laptop), and Skitch has been my favorite for many years. It's very intuitive and there are enough annotation tools for all mark-up needs.

There are other tools out there with more robust features, but I love how this app keeps things simple and doesn't require time to feel up to speed. You can download and start using it with zero learning curve.

This is another tool where the free version has been robust enough in my experience.

Skitch screenshot

I love the simplicity of Skitch!

All of the tools are on the left side of the app - very easy to dive right in.

Screen Sharing

There are loads of free screen sharing apps out there (Zoom,, Google Hangouts, etc.). But if you're a Mac user, did you know you already have a screen share tool built right in?

All you have to do is go to the search button and type in "Screen Sharing" and the tool will pop up.

Screen Sharing app

How to find the Screen Sharing app

You will then be prompted to enter the other user's Apple ID.

The other user will then see a prompt on their end to either allow you to control their screen (very helpful for troubleshooting!) or to simply observe their screen.

Screen Sharing app

The prompt the other person sees when you request for them to share their screen

using the Screen Sharing app

With all of the screen sharing tools out there, it's great to know there is a built-in option for us Mac users!

Shared How-To's

If you find yourself helping others with the same issue over and over again, it's time to add your solution to a centralized place. That way, all you have to do is share the location of that information (a huge time saver!).

The best location will depend on where you work. You might work somewhere that has an intranet, a company wiki, or a cloud file storage service.

The main thing is to make sure it's filed in a location that can be accessed by those who might need it someday and that you remember where to access it as well.

What has helped make IT troubleshooting easier for you? Please share your tips in the comments below!

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