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Sponsored Guest Posts

I do not charge for standard guest posts with fellow bloggers and individuals working in the administrative/assistant profession. Please see the guest posts page for those guidelines. Sponsored posts are for businesses and their representatives looking to advertise, which must be disclosed upfront.

For businesses who are looking to advertise a sponsored post on my blog and want a link back to their website, I consider them to be an advertisement and a sponsorship is required. Whether your guest post request falls into the category of the sponsored post or not is up to my discretion.

***IMPORTANT: When reaching out through my contact page, please:

  1. Read the below guidelines prior to reaching out (it will be assumed that you've read and agree to them when you reach out).

  2. Share a general overview about your business and include a link.

Due to an influx of interest if this information isn't shared upfront, you may not receive a response.***

All sponsored posts are up to me to approve or decline. Posts may be declined for any reason, including, but not limited to message, content, and quality of writing. Offering useful information, advice, or tips in an easy to digest style will be more effective for promotion than a marketing pitch and will increase chances of being accepted.

The below details are for text articles written by the business. Other types of content (for example, infographics or links to articles on your website) are also accepted for review and may require a different set of guidelines.

  1. The post must be original content that has not been published elsewhere. If you have published a similar article, will be publishing a similar article at a future date, and/or will consider rewording the article to publish elsewhere at any point in time, this must be disclosed upfront.

  2. The total amount of links to be included in the article body is a maximum of 2.

  3. Please use Google Docs with editing privileges turned on.

  4. Posts must be a minimum of 500 words.

  5. Proper attribution of data, quotations, and other third-party content referenced in the article must be included.

  6. Please include a short bio (3-4 sentences). In the bio, you may include your company’s website link (one link) and your social media links (one link for each platform); these links will not count against the amount of links in the actual article body.

  7. Headshots and other images will need to be emailed to me as an attachment and are subject to my approval. The images you submit with the guest post must not infringe any copyrights and the source must be disclosed (I may ask for a link to the source).

  8. The post will state that it is a sponsored post at the top of the article, following FTC regulations. I will add a byline to the final draft of the post that will include wordage such as the following: “This is article was sponsored by [Sponsor Name].”

  9. Please take the time to carefully proofread your article before submitting it to me. There are many proofreading tools available, such as Grammarly, Ginger and Hemingway App, that can help catch errors.

  10. The post will be subject to additional proofreading and editing by me. If excessive proofreading and editing is required on my end, you risk an increase in the rate (see item #14) or the post being denied. I will send all proposed edits to you for approval.

  11. I will provide available publish dates for you to choose from. The final draft is due one week before the publish date. I understand that quality writing takes time so if you need to change the date, I am happy to provide updated options for you to choose from.

  12. I will send the final draft exactly as it will appear on my website for your approval prior to publishing it. This will be your opportunity to request any final edits before the scheduled publish date. If the requested edits are approved by me, you will get a copy of the amended final draft to approve before it publishes. Your approval of the final draft must be received by me 48 hours before the scheduled publish date otherwise I reserve the right to reschedule the publish date.

  13. Payment must be received in advance (before item #12 is carried out on my end).

  14. Rates will be determined by a number of factors, especially after reviewing the initial article draft and learning your requirements.

  15. There are no refunds.

  16. I make no guarantee as to how much traffic your business will get or how many sales will result from the post. I only promise to promote it as I would any of my articles on my company social media platforms for as long as the article is published on my website. My promotion efforts include sending out the article in a newsletter to my subscribers the day it goes live.

  17. The terms of the partnership must not be disclosed to any third-party.

  18. I reserve the right to take down the sponsored content and take further actions if your product/service violates any copyright, patent, or other laws. I also reserve the right to take down your article if a similar post is published elsewhere and it was not disclosed prior to me publishing your post on my website (please see item #1). You regain all rights to the content you have written if the article is ever taken down for any reason.


This set of guidelines is intended to help provide clarification upfront. I value other people’s time and want to allow you the opportunity to decide if taking the time to reach out to me makes sense.

If you wish to pitch a sponsored post, please reach out to me through my contact page. It will be assumed that you have read and understand the above guidelines in full if you do reach out. 

I'm happy to provide my media kit upon request.

Thank you in advance for your interest!

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