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Content curation tool that uses your keyword inputs to provide content recommendations which you can schedule to post on your social media accounts.

A news aggregator application that allows you to organize, read and share content from your favorite sites. It's my favorite content tool. 

An app for saving articles, videos, images and other content to access at a later time. 

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Graphic Design

Create social graphics, web stories and animated videos with this free graphic design app.

This is a fun online drawing tool to help you create beautiful images.

Create designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, and more. The free version has tons of features and it's an overall easy tool to get comfortable with.

I love their design tool. You can create free custom images for your social media accounts. The functionality is very similar to Canva.

Great free creation tool for social media. 

Snappa is a free web design app that is similar to Canva. The main standout difference from Canva is that you can resize your design without any prompt to pay to upgrade your plan; that feature is free. 


This is a great app which costs a small fee, but allows you to transform your text into stunning customized typographic designs. One feature I love is that you can add a watermark in each image, making branding a snap.

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Social Media Managers

Social media manager website which also includes management of Pinterest.

Community relationship management tool for Twitter and Facebook. It automatically identifies influencers and supporters, can post scheduled tweets and much more.

​CoSchedule is a popular tool. It includes social media scheduling, analytics and many other features. 

This social media publisher has some pretty neat features. One feature that I love is that it saves all of your posts so they can always be reused. You also can categorize them for easy sorting in your library. 

​This looks like an easy social media publishing tool that makes it easy to format the length of the text, urls and other items in posts. However, after watching their poor demo video I can't say it's one I would be trying myself anytime soon.

This is a widely used social media manager website. It currently doesn’t integrate with Pinterest, though.

This provides both free and paid productivity "oomphs" for basically every social platform. 

SproutSocial is integrated with the top social platforms for social media management. One of it's standout features is its unified inbox for all for your social channels so you can management engagement in one place.

Visual marketing tool for Pinterest and Instagram.

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If your Twitter account has under 5,000 followers, you can use their free analytics tool to learn best times to tweet, sync your optimal tweet schedule with Buffer and more. 

This website shortens urls so you don't waste your limited tweet space with unnecessary characters. 

A powerful phone app and online website that helps you grow your Twitter and Instagram account reach. 

Twitter follower managing tool that provides insights on who is no longer following you, spam accounts you are following and more.

Great tool for hashtag optimization.

Free analytics tool that helps you make the most of Twitter by letting you know the best time to tweet.

Analytics tool that provides insights and features that help you monitor, manage and optimize your activities on Twitter.

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