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16 Great Sites for Gorgeous Images

Abstract art image

As an experienced virtual assistant and blogger, I have had to find great resources for images to use when creating websites, articles, and other online uses. I've shared my bookmarks with so many others that I figured it's time to create an article that anyone can come across and save!

Here are my favorite resources as well as an important note on image licenses.

Creative Commons Zero

First things first, it's important to know that not all images on the web can be used. There are different types of licenses. If you are new to finding and using images for online use, I recommend using those licensed under Creative Commons Zero.

Images licensed under Creative Commons Zero, or CC0 for short, can be used without attribution and can also be edited. Those are safe and the ones I always aim for. Here is a great overview with more details for those who would like to learn more: Creative Commons.

The below sites have images licensed under CC0, however, I always recommend double checking the license to be safe.

Great Resources for Images

Rock image from Barnimages

This is one of my back-up resources for when the larger websites don't pan out.

Inspirational banner from Burst

Great free images from Shopify.

Fruit image from Foodiesfeed

If you need images of food, this is a great website to check out.

Party pineapple image from Freely

Although this is a Christian-centered image resource, there are other non-religious photos that are great unique finds!

Man in leaves image from Gratisography

This website has great creative photos. Every single one is like a quality piece of art.

Icon from Iconfinder

If you are looking for an icon, this is a great one stop shop!

Art resources image from Ivory Mix

Ivory Mix has great free image libraries. You do need to sign up to get access, though.

Flower image from Kaboompics

There are lots of unique free photos on this website. What I like are the photo collections; you can find different variations of a shoot.

Dock and water image from Life of Pix

This website has unique photos from many different photographers.

Colorful image from Morguefile

Although good quality images are not prevalent on this site, it's a great resource to keep handy for times when you've exhausted all others.

City skyline image from Negative Space

New images are added regularly to this website. I like being able to sort by category.

Confetti image from Pexels

If you want a large database of stock photos, Pexels is a great resource.

Sunset image from Pixabay

This is one of my favorite websites due to the quantity of images that usually pop up in a search - it can actually be overwhelming at times! I like that you can sort by the image type as well.

Red tree image from SplitShire

Gorgeous unique photos that can be sorted by categories.

Carrot image from StockSnap

StockSnap is similar to Pexels - another great photo database for your search!

Light trail image from Unsplash

Great free high-resolution photos.

What are your favorite resources for images? Please share in the comments below!

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