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Top 5 Favorite Apps for Assistants

Apps for assistants

What are the best apps for assistants?

I have been asked this question a lot, so it's time to share my favorites.

I want to note that the best apps will vary depending on your role. As assistants, we all have such a variety of responsibilities, so the apps I am recommending below are more general and will hopefully help a majority of you.

Here are my top five favorite apps for assistants:

Task list

Task Management

I highly recommend all EAs find a task management program that they feel comfortable using as it can increase your productivity immensely! The main reason why I'm a huge fan of using a task management app is it helps for better organization of tasks, especially since you can re-prioritize your task list quickly. Priorities are constantly changing, so it's more efficient to use an app than an inflexible notepad.

Another reason to consider using a task management app is that it’s a great central record of completed tasks (I can't tell you how many times I have looked those up!). It also helps once you step into a managerial assistant role since you can easily oversee progress others have made on tasks without micromanaging. A few other great features are that you can access it anywhere, it cuts down on emails, and you can share your lists with the people you support so they can always preview exactly what is on your plate.

My favorite app is Asana, but it might not be the best solution for everyone. Check out my master list of task management apps for other great options to consider.

Cloud storage

Cloud Storage

I'm a fan of Dropbox for cloud storage, but there are other great apps. Check out my master list of cloud storage apps if you are currently looking to compare different options out there.

The main reason to use a cloud storage app is to back up your files. The great thing about Dropbox is that you can download the app on your computer and organize your files directly into the app's desktop folder.

A huge bonus is that you can access your files from all your devices on the go. I used to store everything on my desktop. It was limiting not being able to access my files when I was away from my desk; there's no need for that when there are so many solutions these days.

Food ordering

Food Delivery

I highly recommend all assistants have a go-to food delivery app.

Favor was a huge lifesaver for me in my last EA role, however, right now it is only available in Texas. Check out my master list of other great food delivery apps.

I always planned out lunches for my executives in advance and didn't always need to use that app for them; it was mainly for others. Since I was the only EA in my location, anyone would come to me for help (and I usually didn't have any notice!), so having this on-demand delivery app was essential.


Proofreading Tools

It makes you appear intelligent, professional, and polished when there are no errors in your written communication. However, it can be tricky to proofread everything yourself.

There are many great proofreading apps, but my favorite is Grammarly. I use the Chrome extension on my laptop and the app on my iPhone. I use several other apps when writing (here are more proofreading apps), but that is my main go-to.

Different timezones

Managing Multiple Time Zones

The executives we support usually travel a lot and often have calls and meetings with people in other time zones. There are many apps that help with managing multiple time zones, but World Time Buddy is one of my favorites (I've heard many other assistants rave about it as well). It has a nifty slider feature which circles all of the times in each location so that it’s crystal clear where everything lines up.

What's your favorite go-to app as an assistant? Please share in the comments below!

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