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Easy and Seamless Tool for PDF Conversions


I struggled with finding a great PDF converter tool for a while. Usually, the formatting didn't come out exactly like the original document, so I had to invest time editing after the conversion was complete. Sometimes I felt like I might as well recreate the document from scratch.

I recently found a fantastic tool that converted several of my PDFs to different document types (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) seamlessly - and with zero post-conversion editing afterward! If you haven't come across Smallpdf, I recommend checking it out.

Although I have used Smallpdf for PDF to MS Office documents, it does allow for other uses as well. You can compress a PDF, unlock a PDF and collect e-signatures, to name a few.

Another wonderful feature of Smallpdf is that you do not have to download any software. The downloading process was a huge time waster with other tools, so it's a relief that this one doesn't require that!

At the current time, users have two free conversions per hour. I have found this to be sufficient, but you can upgrade if you need more.

Have you tried Smallpdf? Or do you have another great go-to? Please share in the comments below!

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