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  • Tara E. Browne, DTM

Tara's Tech Tips: How to Recommend a Colleague on LinkedIn

Tara's Tech Tips


As an executive assistant, I serve as the first-line of support for IT questions and problems. I’ve learned that when this happens, rather than taking the easy road and doing a quick one-on-one demo of the feature or tool in question, it is always worth taking the time to write up a procedure so it can be reused with other colleagues.

I can’t think of a single instance where I haven’t had at least one other person come to me with the same question later. Moreover, having these tips written up allows me to proactively distribute them to colleagues to promote standard work and improve efficiency in the organization.

In Tara’s Tech Tips, I’m bringing this practice to the next level, sharing these micro-tutorials with a wider audience outside of my organization. And I’m starting with one of my favorites: how to use the LinkedIn Recommendation tool. It’s a great way to express appreciation to colleagues and boost their professional brand... and all it requires is a few minutes of your time!


HINT: Look for the orange and blue arrows to find menus and tools!


1.) Navigate to the page of the individual you wish to recommend:

LinkedIn Recommendation How-To Step #1

2.) Select the “Elipsis” dropdown menu at the upper right corner of the profile page, then select “Recommend [NAME]”:

LinkedIn Recommendation How-To Step #2

3.) Using the dropdown menus provided, select the relationship and job title most relevant to your recommendation, then click “Next”:

LinkedIn Recommendation How-To Step #3

4.) Write your recommendation in the text box provided and click “Send”:

LinkedIn Recommendation How-To Step #4

5.) The recommendation will appear on recipient’s profile after they have approved it.

(NOTE: LinkedIn also a provides an editorial comments feature, in case the recipient wishes to request any changes or correct any inaccuracies in the recommendation.)

Tara E. Browne, DTM

Tara’s Tech Tips are written by Tara E. Browne, DTM. Tara is career administrative professional, trainer and speaker. In 2016, she founded, a website dedicated exclusively to connecting current and former administrative professionals in ways that support their professional development and to advance the profession as a whole.

She is active on Twitter as @AdminMentor, on LinkedIn at Tara E. Browne, DTM and at Mentors & Masterminds, and on Facebook on the Mentors & Masterminds company page.

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