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  • Christina Holzhauser; Reprinted with permission

Is There Life Beyond Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office alternatives

I'm joined today by Naela Scholles, founder of Asistente Digital (Digital Assistant). Many assistants rely on Microsoft Office, and Naela has shared some great alternative resources to keep on your radar.

Let's say you need to write a report, make a monthly progress presentation, or simply print the list of activities of the day but do not have Microsoft Office (that package of programs comprising Word, Power Point, Excel, etc.). In this post, we present free and easy to use alternatives to these programs.

Google Apps

This option, as the name implies, is made by Google. Google Apps contains three main alternatives as its equivalent of Microsoft Office:

Google Docs → Microsoft Word Google Sheets → Microsoft Excel Google Slides → Microsoft PowerPoint

All you need to use is a Gmail account, like all products of this company. You can directly access your documents and create them from Google Drive or access from the browser with the links provided above.

Google Drive

As you can see, it is not very difficult to orient yourself in these programs offered by Google. Also, its design is very similar to Microsoft Word.

Advantages of these alternatives:

  • They are automatically saved to Google Drive so there's no need to worry about unsaved changes.

  • You can work offline.

  • You can share the files directly by inserting them in an email or sharing the link.

  • You can access these applications from your smartphone.

  • You can work together with other users on the same document.


  • It does not have as many editing qualities as Office.

  • You can only work from the browser.

GET IT HERE: Google Apps


LibreOffice is free software that's as complete as Microsoft Office. These are its main applications:

Free Office Writer → Equivalent to Microsoft Word Free Office Calc → Equivalent to Microsoft Excel Free Office Impress → Equivalent to Microsoft PowerPoint

This software is compatible with the Office package; you can save your files and share them with other users who do not have the same program. Check out the following video for more information about this free software: LibreOffice 5.3 New Features: General

GET IT HERE: LibreOffice

WPS Office

WPS Office is another type of free software that puts together the best of the two previous options. This platform has all the equivalents to Microsoft Office along with a cloud storage up to 1GB available for the documents you create.

WPS Writer → Equivalent to Microsoft Word

WPS Spreadsheets → Equivalent to Microsoft Excel

WPS Presentation → Equivalent to Microsoft PowerPoint

Advantages of this alternative:

  • Count on cloud storage.

  • You can work offline.

  • You can share files directly through a link.

  • You can access these applications from your smartphone.

  • It has complete editing qualities.

  • Its interface is very similar to other office programs.

  • Supports Microsoft Office programs.



Naela Scholles is an Executive Assistant that specializes in marketing. She is currently self-employed as a Community Manager and loves technology and the fact that it makes our lives and jobs so easy!

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