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6 More Amazing Resources to Help Polish Your Writing

Resources to polish your writing

Since I published my first article listing out helpful proofreading tips, I have found even more great apps! Having impeccable writing skills can help anyone appear more intelligent and polished, so it's important that I share these new findings.

Here are the latest proofreading apps I have discovered:

I listed Grammarly in my previous article about proofreading tips, however, I discovered that they have a great smartphone app! It helps to catch errors when texting, sending emails, and anywhere else you use your phone's keyboard. I admit that I have made silly errors in the past because of how small those keyboards are - and I bet I'm not alone!

If your writing tends to be wordy, Hemingway App is a great resource to spot lengthy and overly complex sentences. It also detects common errors and weak phrases. One fun detail is how it grades your writing so you know how readable it is.

I have only tried the free version of ProWritingAid, so I cannot speak to the paid ones. Nevertheless, there are several useful features that make the free version worth trying out. It points out so many suggestions, such as cliches, sticky sentences, and vague words. The echo function is one that I particularly enjoy; it points out words and phrases that you have repeated within a short space. There are so many other features to check out. I mainly recommend trying this tool out if you need more advanced abilities since it does take a small chunk of time to get comfortable with it. is another app that grades how readable your piece of writing is. One aspect I love is that it suggests alternatives to the words that have lowered your score. It can be hard to spot those when proofreading your own work, so it's a very handy feature.


Ginger is another tool I listed in my previous article about proofreading tips, but I found a few other helpful features you can utilize once you have downloaded the Chrome extension. (Note that the Chrome extension has to be turned on for these features to work).

Grammar Checker shows all grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and misused words. One item I love to use is the alternative sentences option. After you have checked a sentence, if alternative options are available, this hyperlink will be active.

Ginger Writer gives another option to check for grammar. Since I am always using a thesaurus, I love how it has a handy synonym look-up tool. No need to switch back and forth between tabs!

What is your favorite proofreading tool? Please share in the comments below!

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