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As assistants we constantly have anything and everything thrown at us, so we must prepare ourselves by having the best tools to call upon at a moment's notice. This site is designed to give you the advice and resources to help you perform at the highest level. 

January 22, 2020

We all have the ability to boost fellow admin colleagues when they embark on a job search. I wanted to share a few ways I received support in case it inspires others.

October 26, 2019

Even if you have an IT department, odds are you’re a main go-to for tech support. Here are some resources that can help make IT troubleshooting much easier!

August 20, 2019

Did you know that your executive most likely struggles with something called decision fatigue? As assistants we can help prevent the energy our executives exert on decisions by presenting recommendations whenever possible.

July 31, 2019

A few months back, I shared my experience drafting up digital business cards for the first time. I recently came across a fun new option that I hadn't heard of before - Cardcast.

July 24, 2019

Looking for a new job can be a time-consuming and at times very frustrating process. If you have been looking for a while and things are not going your way, here are some tips to keep you motivated in your job search.

July 10, 2019

Unfortunately, there are often no local groups for assistants. In order to help facilitate this type of networking, we often have to take the initiative and start our own local groups.  I reached out to a dear friend of mine, Angie Cartwright, who co-founded a local g...

I’m so happy to have guest Aimee Browne here with us today! As assistants we are used to putting others’ needs first. Aimee started an inspiring new platform that was designed to help us think about our own wellbeing. Read on to learn more!

April 23, 2019

Happy Administrative Professionals Day! I wanted to take a moment to recognize all of you, no matter how you feel about this day.

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