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10 Reasons Why I Love to Share Knowledge

Sharing knowledge

I am constantly sharing knowledge.

You can find me chatting with former colleagues who need advice on new roles, writing articles about tips, and contributing to group discussions on social media, to name a few.

I believe life is all about the contributions and connections we make, and knowledge sharing is a great way to do both.

Here is a list of some of the reasons why I love sharing knowledge:

1. It makes me feel good to help others.

Sometimes I hear about how what I shared helped them and sometimes I don't. The act of helping is what I love to do. (But, it doesn't hurt when I find out my tips have had a wonderful effect on the individual - it really takes that good feeling to the next level!)

Happy person jumping

2. There's a kindness ripple effect.

When I share knowledge with others, I sometimes see them do the same. The sharing spreads.

Water ripples

3. I am helping to get much-needed knowledge out to my peers, which helps our profession overall.

You never know how many assistants could benefit from the information. There have been many times when I felt like the knowledge I was seeking wasn't out there and I'm sure others have experienced the same thing. I am trying to help change that by contributing to our field's knowledge bank.

Stack of books in front of a person

4. My network has grown immensely.

Before, when I was only reactively sharing tips with those close to me, my professional network wasn't that large. Since I have been sharing tips proactively online, it has widened quite a bit. (For those of you interested in taking the plunge and starting a blog, here are some great tips to check out.)

Lots of people

5. Knowledge sharing can lead to wonderful opportunities.

The more you share knowledge, the chances of others seeing you as an expert in your field increase, which can then lead to things you would never have imagined. I'm fortunate that because of this, I have received some interesting VA jobs, writing opportunities and other offers that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't positioned myself this way.

Person extending their hand

6. I have also fostered stronger connections through knowledge sharing conversations.

Others feel nurtured and cared about when you take the time to share advice. Unfortunately, it's not a common occurrence, so I believe that's why it can have such a profound effect and strengthen bonds between people.

Group of people bonding

7. You never know how much of an effect your insight will have.

For example, maybe you know about a tool that could make the task your coworker is working on a lot easier. Or maybe you come across a post in a LinkedIn group and know exactly how to help the person asking for advice. Of course, there's a chance that the knowledge you provide will be totally ignored. But it could also be utilized and help the individual. It's that second possible outcome that is motivating to me.

Question mark

8. Knowledge sharing helps to strengthen your personal brand.

We all have a personal brand and it's always being altered by what we do, whether we are aware of it or not. I have seen mine shaped in a positive way because of the information I have freely shared. (Curious learning more about your personal brand? Here's a lovely article to check out.)

Business cards

9. It helps to remind me of how being an assistant is my passion and something I excel at.

Each time I share tips, it's hard not to reflect on how much I enjoy what I do and how much I've learned over the years.

A heart made out of pages in a book

10. I also learn more!

It's the best when knowledge sharing turns into a mutual exchange of tips. I would not have excelled in my field without the tips I learned from others.

Teaching someone something using a chalkboard

Do you freely share knowledge? How has it affected your life? Please share in the comments below!

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