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More Conferences for Assistants: Extra Reasons to Get Energized!

Conference for assistants

Since my compilation of conferences back in December, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for other conferences geared towards assistants and administrative professionals.

I have come across a few more, some of which are coming up soon, so I wanted to share those ASAP so you are able to partake should your schedules allow.

(Note: Please double-check their websites in case details change.)

Admin to VA Summit

*Note: This event is free!

April 10-14 | Online

All Things Meetings San Francisco Reception and Trade Show

*Note: This event is free!

April 26 | San Francisco, CA

Annual IMA Conference & AGM

September 29 | Hague, The Netherlands

Ask Abbie Show

May 19 | London, UK

Assertiveness Skills for the Administrative Professional

April 25 | Pittsburgh, PA

Business Travel Summit

September 14 | London, UK

September 26-27 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

EA Day

April 27 | Toronto, Canada

Executive Assistant Masterclass

April 7 | Zurich, Switzerland

April 27 | Oslo, Norway

May 5 | Malta

Executive PA Forum Ireland

May 22-23 | Dublin, Ireland

Global Executive Assistants Innovation Summit

March 16-17 | Barcelona, Spain

Influencing Without Authority: Leadership Skills for Administrative Professionals

April 27 | Philadelphia, PA

Innovative Thinking for Administrative Excellence

September 22 | Westfield, MA


April 22 | San Francisco, CA

May 6 | Boston, MA

May 13 | New York, NY

June 10 | Los Angeles, CA

June 17 | Seattle, WA

July 8 | Melbourne, Australia

July 15 | Sydney, Australia

Northern VA Collaboration 2017

May 20 | Newcastle, UK

NW VA Conference

June 22-23 | Manchester, UK

PA Duties: Mastering the Essentials Course

May 5 | London, UK

July 28 | London, UK

September 29 | London, UK

December 1 | London, UK

PA Expo

*Note: This event is free!

April 12 | Edinburgh, UK

May 24-25 | Newport, UK

November 7-8 | Liverpool, UK

The PA Hub Venue Showcase

*Note: This event is free!

May 3 | Leeds, UK

The Professional Assistant Summit

May 12 | Stockholm, Sweden

The Strategic Business Support PA Masterclass

April 27 | London, UK

The Strategic Executive Assistant

April 21 | New York, NY

VIP VA at The Business Show

May 17 | London, UK

VIP VA EleVAte Conference

October 4-5 | London, UK

What is your favorite conference? Please share in the comments below!

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