How to Effectively Ask for a Raise

I know it can be nerve-wracking asking for a raise. Asking for more money is not an easy thing to do! However, with enough preparation, you

6 More Amazing Resources to Help Polish Your Writing

Since I published my first article listing out helpful proofreading tips, I have found even more great apps! Having impeccable writing skills can help anyone appear more intelligent and polished, so it's important that I share these new findings. Here are the latest proofreading apps I have discovered: Grammarly Mobile Keyboard I listed Grammarly in my previous article about proofreading tips, however, I discovered that they have a great smartphone app! It helps to catch errors when texting, sending emails, and anywhere else you use your phone's keyboard. I admit that I have made silly errors in the past because of how small those keyboards are - and I bet I'm not alone! Hemingway App If you

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